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Let’s face it, in the construction industry, delays happen. But, falling far behind schedule may cause some serious problems. A contractor who is behind schedule may:

  • Cause financial harm to their company
  • Damage their reputation with the owner and community
  • Face contract termination

Once a contractor falls into a series of delays, it can be difficult to catch up and get back on schedule without some help. Rather than going it alone, contractors need a fresh set of eyes and an advocate who isn’t bogged down with the past baggage of the project. We are that help. Starting in the field, we figure out what constraints are holding the project back. Regardless of the reason, we don’t sugarcoat-we call out the issues objectively and quickly.  

Next, we develop changes and improvements to the production process. We stay on, working with our contractor to implement those changes. Lastly, we assist and train our contractor in engineering a reliable production system that will ensure the project stays on track after we leave.

Learn more about how we get projects back on schedule. Read our case study about a recent project where we engineered changes that tripled our client’s production rates-coming soon!