Welcome to Mission Critical, an Introduction by Jeff Shannon, Director and Project Specialist

Welcome to the blog of Mission Critical Operations (MC Ops), written by Jeff Shannon, Director & Project Specialist.  

MC Ops is a construction management & advisory consultancy focused on high-profile and potentially contentious projects throughout the United States.  We solve problems in the execution of construction, engineering and capital projects.

MC Ops provides three key services for its clients:

1. RESEARCH problems in the performance of both field and administrative work. 
2. REINFORCE project teams as needed for gaps in management, quality control and field engineering staff.
3. RECOVER the work back to schedule, financial and quality standards.

MC Ops is often retained to work closely with ground-level project staff to unravel problems in schedule, quality and cost functions and return the project to its client’s performance standards.  Their hard-nosed, yet diplomatic approach has both mitigated and prevented problems, saving time and money for the client and other stakeholders.     

This blog and our firm were established because we love the construction industry and the people who bravely choose to work in it. I say “bravely” because although our industry is a critical part of the world’s economy, safety and daily lives, it is a terribly frustrating place to work and fewer and fewer people seek it as a career path.   Our firm works to solve the problems that cause that frustration.  

Interestingly, much of what causes our frustration is not from factors we cannot control, but rather from purposeful decisions and expectations that we invoke on each other, creating conflict project owners, engineers, architects, planners, contractors, subcontractors, inspectors, accountants, lawyers and government agencies.

My blog will explore the root causes of this frustration and conflict. The blog will share ideas and seek ideas on how to run our projects, find ways to work together and find greater satisfaction in our work.  

Some upcoming blog topics include:

  • The Role of a Superintendent – What it Must Be and What it Can’t Be

  • Specifications – Rules No One Intends to Follow

  • Headline: President of Small Contractor Gets Demoted to Project Manager – Trying to Win the Battle While He Loses the War

We will share our learnings, straight from the job sites, in plain language and with real examples that tell the story so our followers can relate. We will facilitate learning between us and ask others, our followers, to share their experiences as they work hard to lead their projects to completion.

Thanks for reading.  We look forward to hearing from you.