InSpection Failures and RE-Work



When a contractor faces inspection failures and re-work, it can:

  • Cause financial harm to their company
  • Damage their reputation with the owner and community
  • Lead to contract termination

While contractors are often accused of cutting corners to save money, we have found this is not the case. When contractors fail inspections and are forced into re-work it’s usually for two reasons:

1. The contractor didn’t effectively plan for executing the work as it was drawn and specified by the design professionals.

2. The design professionals, owners, or their inspectors don’t understand how their specifications will be implemented on the ground.

In the daily operations of running a job site, superintendents have hundreds of details to chase down and no time for additions to the list. Failing an inspection means that instead of crossing one item off the list, it is added back, with priority status.

This is where we can step-in and free that superintendent to focus elsewhere. We’ll develop a creative solution with the least cost and schedule impact, submit the necessary documents to the engineer and owner, and even oversee the corrections and facilitate re-inspection.  After getting the work fixed, we’ll stay on and train the crew to get it right next time.

If the owner, design professional, or their inspectors are incorrectly claiming non-compliant work, we will advocate for our contractors, and prove-thru research, documentation and demonstration–that our contractor is compliant and that any re-work ordered by the owner will be at their cost.

Learn more about how we stop the re-work. Read our case study about a recent project where we engineered changes that all but eliminated rework for our client-coming soon!