Mission Critical Operations (MC-Ops) is a team of senior construction managers who help small contractors stop losing money on their projects.  We step-in to get control of and improve both field and administrative operations.  We help our contractors plan and build the job right the first time, stay on schedule and get paid for contract work as well as changes, delays and unforeseen conditions that are forced upon them by others. 

MC-Ops is often retained when their customers are short staffed and need help managing difficult projects or when their projects are falling behind in schedule, quality and cost performance.  MC-Ops provides its customers full-time support at the cost of a part-time employee. 

Our Unique Value sets us apart from typical project management services.  MC-Ops is not just a quiet third party who performs tasks and turns in reports.  Rather, we become part of our client's team to defend and advocate on their behalf and pick up the loose balls.  MC-Ops fills this role for as long as the client needs help - sometimes on short temporary assignments or a long term fixture in the client's business.