Jeff Shannon

Construction manager & advisor

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Jeff's passion is all about operations and seeing the work first-hand where it happens. After college, Jeff started his career in pharmaceutical manufacturing where operations were measured at the micro level. After feeling like he's "seen one bottle, seen 'em all,"  he turned his attention to the construction industry, where everything was just bigger and the work harder, but satisfying. Having no formal education in engineering, Jeff got a job (ironically) as an inspector focused mostly on the civil and structural phases of buildings and infrastructure projects. Here, Jeff learned how the trades work, what makes engineers tick and how problems with quality and schedule performance drag everything else into the mud. Jeff was blessed to continue his career at two major infrastructure contractors and an engineering firm where he worked under visionary leaders who taught him how to see operations differently and where the construction industry as a whole can-and must-do better. Jeff saw construction projects as the most frustrating, litigious and risky work one could engage with, but when the jobs were built, the work was also the most satisfying. Since 2011, Jeff has run his own firm doing some GC work, consulting and management support for contractors and engineers around the country. Mission Critical Operations is his newest service that brings 18 years of industry experience to the job-sites and back-offices where stuff actually happens and where his clients need the most help. Jeff is a 1996 graduate of Drexel University in Philadelphia with a BS in Operations Management and later went on to pursue a Certificate in Construction Management at Drexel. He resides in suburban Philadelphia with his wife and two children but forever wants to be in the central mountains of Colorado. 


Ed Ocelus

Construction Manager


When first meeting Ed at a job site, don’t worry about him being on time – Ed will be early. Ed gets after the work fast each day, chases down problems and doesn’t waste time on fluff. He calls it like he sees it and isn’t afraid to question every detail. Ed has almost 25 years' experience in the industry and started his career in the IBEW Apprenticeship program and soon became a Journeyman Electrician. His early projects were on large chemical, industrial and pharmaceutical sites where he quickly excelled beyond just installing the equipment to being responsible for developing wiring diagrams and cabinet drawings for that new equipment. He worked with controls engineers on start-ups to ensure systems performed in accordance with SOPs. Ed knows the urgency of the critical path schedule-he was on it every day. 

Since then Ed has served as a project manager for a commercial GC and a custom steel fabricator. Ed’s skills and experience broaden MC Ops range of project experience and services into commercial and industrial applications.

When not running projects, Ed enjoys golf, time on the beach and spending time with his family.  He is an avid Philadelphia sports fan.


Karin Rebnegger

Project Engineer

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Karin is excited to bring her skills and education to the construction industry! She is applying all the knowledge she gained working in Archaeology both in the private sector and academia to the complexities of construction projects. Karin finds her many database, organizational, and supervisory skills transfer to her role as a Project Engineer.

At Michigan State University, Karin had the opportunity to work for the Michigan State Museum’s archaeology department rehousing and cataloging artifacts; this included teaching student volunteers the correct process of collection management. While Karin earned her Ph.D., she spent summers in Mexico conducting excavations and lab analysis. She periodically worked for Cultural Resource Management firms during pre-construction phases doing archaeological survey and excavation.

If given the chance Karin will talk about the archaeology of North America, cultural change, anthropology, and Sooner football. Northern and Western Mexico are frequently among discussion topics. In her spare time, she makes jewelry using beads imported from the Czech Republic.

In addition to our team, we are supported by an extended team with expertise in technical proposal writing, CPM scheduling, delay analysis, Government contracting (FAR, DFAR), claims, Request for Equitable Adjustment (REA) and forensic accounting.