Short handed project team


Construction contractors, especially smaller self-performing GC’s and specialty trade contractors, don’t often have the luxury of predictable back log and steady cash flow.  These conditions create a perpetual “headcount headache” for contractors:

  • Carrying staff between projects or recruiting new help is tough and very expensive.  The industry is busy and all the “good” people are already working. If you can’t keep your good people working, they’ll go elsewhere.  
  • Timing new work to match the availability and skill sets of current staff levels is almost impossible. 
  • Headcount and skill set needs rise and fall with market conditions and the hit rate for landing new work.  

We can help by providing on-call, expert Project Managers, Superintendents or Project Engineers to your team, at a part time cost.  Because we are not W2 employees, we can quickly drop into projects ready for work on day one and depart at any time at your discretion.  We don’t need office space, company computers, company vehicles or benefits, saving our contractors the cost burden of carrying full time staff.  When the project is done, we separate and await your call for the next project.

Whether the work requires a full-time presence on the job site or part-time site visits with virtual support, we always maintain full-time awareness, record keeping and care for your project.