Client Testimonials

Problem solving and project cadence seem to be what Jeff was born to do. He was able to step in to a bad situation and help right the course. Jeff communicates with high ranking officials as well as he does with staff. His calm approach and confident management style make him a well respected leader on the job site. Jeff makes himself available at anytime he is needed, whether by phone or email.  I could not recommend him more highly. 

-Federal Contractor
Dallas, Texas

Ed Ocelus provided construction management services to completely renovate a telecommunications NOCC (network operations control center) for a large carrier in the national marketplace. 

Ed has a go-getter mentality-something that you just can’t teach. He cares about how the work is done and goes above and beyond to make sure it’s done correctly. He is professional, knowledgeable, and diligent. He followed through on all aspects and resolved all issues. He exceeded the very high bar that was set.   

In a mission critical environment, Ed performed admirably. He understands that you have to stay on top of things in the construction industry.  

-Charles Gornowich

We were referred to Jeff and his team with high regards to help us complete a water storage tank project in Buffalo, NY. They helped us through every phase of construction from many miles away, and Jeff himself was of great assistance when he came to the job site in Buffalo, NY the day of the installation. I highly recommend the team at Mission Critical Operations to help you on your next project.

-Andrew Kosicki
Pinto Construction Services

Jeff has been one of the most reliable members of our team. He is always thinking forward and creating proactive strategies to assist the project in moving. Jeff worked on a very challenging project for our company and had it not been for Jeff and his organizational skills, the project would be in a much worse position.

Jeff’s work ethic is second to none and has always been a team member that we can count on, whether it is field or administrative performance, since day one, he has truly been a valued asset.

-Devon Henry
President & CEO Team Henry Enterprises
Newport News, VA

I hired Jeff and his team to supervise the process of constructing wall panels for the Wyndham Vacation Resort project in Avon, CO. The Wyndham was 100,000 square feet resort hotel adjacent to the Beaver Creek Ski Resort. 

They were responsible for coordinating the delivery and handling of materials at our 2 acre Wolcott facility. They were accountable for disbursement of panelized drawings to a staff of 14 carpenters and supervising the construction of the respective wall systems. At our yard, they supervised the bundling of wall systems so they could travel over the road on semi-tractor/trailers. They also supervised the storage of panel bundles and staging of incoming materials. Upon request, Jeff would ship the panel bundles to the project site and help supervise the delivery and receipt of the constructed wall panels.

Overall, Jeff and his crew did an extremely good job. Jeff Shannon is honest in an industry plagued by “alternative facts."  He never tried to differ blame and was always the first to be accountable for defective and/or incorrect items. He is bright and a fast thinker on his feet. Jeff is an extremely reliable being and highly committed to whatever it is he is doing.

-Todd Morrison
Precision Construction West

Jeff and his team are not afraid to take on the tough tasks. You could even say that they take on the work that no one else wants to do. Not only are they hard workers, but they broker good deals. They step in, work hard, and solve problems.

-Tom Marcin
Marcin Engineering
Vail, CO 

We hired Mission Critical because I had worked with Jeff Shannon on other projects in the past and knew he had the expertise, honesty, and customer focus we were looking for. He quickly assembled a team of skilled craftsmen, handled all the paperwork, and hired and dealt with the various engineers required for the pre-build studies. He kept us fully informed throughout each stage and was always available for questions.  All costs were detailed up front and change orders were discussed throughout the project so there were no surprises at the end. It was a true partnership from start to finish.

Residential Construction Project