Why the name Mission Critical Operations?

We are often asked why our service is named “Mission Critical Operations.” We get questions from our colleagues and clients, such as “are you in the military?” or “what mission are you on?” and “what’s so critical?”  

Once we get to the field, we don't sit on the sidelines awaiting direction or hold stuffy "kick-off" meetings. Instead, we get engaged with the real work and fast. We don't write long-winded executive reports suggesting what YOU should do to improve your projects. Instead, we work along side your field teams to develop practical ideas for improvement, quickly assessing cost, time, and benefit to the project. Next, we get your team's buy-in to the ideas, request the OK to proceed from senior management, and then work with the your team to MAKE IT HAPPEN. This no-fluff approach stems from a lesson learned on a military project and is part of how we got our name: Mission Critical Operations.  

Although our founder, Jeff Shannon, is not in the military, he did recently work on a US Army Airfield as the QC Manager for a general contractor making repairs to the runway and taxiways.  This is where the idea for our name came about. One day, while Jeff was walking outside a helicopter hanger, a uniformed commanding officer stopped Jeff and, with much frustration, asked him when the work on the ramp would be completed. The work had been delayed for various reasons, which Jeff was working to resolve. The commander explained he was frustrated because the repairs were limiting his unit’s ability to “perform our mission." After thinking about this statement, Jeff figured that whatever mission the commander was tasked with executing, it must be something really important (ie critical) for our nation and he’d better hurry up and get this project done!  

Although the outcome of every construction project may not directly impact our nation, all construction projects have a mission and they’re surely important to someone: the project owners who hire the contractors, the communities where the work occurs, and the project teams and tradespeople who provide for their families working on these projects. That’s when it clicked for Jeff - to work on the most important, critical details to help his contractors achieve their mission.

We use the term operations because although we could simply state that we work on construction projects, what we really work on are the operations that run construction projects. We help our contractors organize the labor, equipment, materials, subcontractors and documentation in a manner to get their projects built quickly, in accordance with specifications and safely, all while earning a profit for the contractor and to the satisfaction of their customers.